Teile Spa



Our experience with the aim of providing a global service, has radio frequency and voice-picking systems for complete traceability, storage and shipment of the goods and rapid execution of recall plans. The entire system is customizable and can be interfaced with other players, as well as allow the transmission of the daily stock to companies. Capabilities and technologies that enable advanced strategies to significantly reduce both the cost and the time of the service offered to the customer.

Room temperature

With a wealth of experience, we are implementing an integrated system able to provide the entire supply chain for foodstuffs and consumer products has made the Grocery industry. The integration of the supply chain is guaranteed by the quicker and optimized unloading of Travaglini Group vehicles, which avoids unnecessary and unproductive downtime, and 70,000 m2 of warehousing located throughout the country.

Non food

Companies do not live by food alone. Safety, traceability and customization of service are the qualities that we ensures for their customers operating in any commodity sectors: technology, electronics, clothing, components and what have you. The spaces, adjustable according to the specific needs of the customers, from large-sized loads to the organization of small package hand delivery. Everything treated with the same care.

Frozen Goods

During the handling of goods, loading bays with temperature controlled anti-chambers have been specially created in order to allow the opening and closing the vehicleís doors directly on the loading platform, thus avoiding thermal shocks even during periods of high external peak temperatures.


Handling and storage of foods that require controlled temperatures (0° C to +15° C). For any business that requires a complete service, from the collection to the delivery of the products, with a guaranteed handling quality, fresh-dedicated rooms and multi-temperature cells, which also allow specific maturation processes of the products. All you need to give your business complete development.

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